Cross Border Benefits

Cost Efficiency

We all know how important cost efficiency is and unless you’re new to group benefits you know the cost of health care is climbing. High cost specialty drugs, incidents of mental illness, disability claims, and an aging workforce are just some the causes. The price today is no longer that cost tomorrow you need to get sustainable. But how do you do that in Canada? There are different laws, regulations, government programs, and employee expectations.

First, you need to integrate the group’s benefits program with government programs. If you don’t you’ll have gaps and overlaps and coverage exposing employees and their families and costing the company thousands in unnecessary premiums.

Next, it’s about taking the best solutions from around the world and implementing them in ways that are meaningful and workable in Canada. Solutions like consumerism driven plan designs vetted products and services, fraud detection, and renewals aligned with your fiscal planning period.

Cross Border Benefits intimately understands the Canadian government programs and Canadian group benefits landscape. If you are starting a new Canadian venture, have an existing subsidiary, or undergoing a merger and acquisition we will make your program cost-efficient.

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What our clients are saying:

We thought our program was well-integrated with the Ontario provincial program. When CBB did an initial review, they found $72,000 in premium was going towards benefits the government could already cover. They adjusted our program, saving us $72,000 while maintaining the same coverage for our employees.

CFO, Canadian Subsidiary: 258 employees

Our plan lacked stability. We experienced sporadic increases with little warning or justification. CBB implemented the right controls with concise and timely reporting. CBB has brought us the stability our organization needs to be successful.

CFO, Canadian Subsidiary: 182 employees

We started with 3 employees in Canada. We are now 110. Cross Border Benefits has grown with us and has always kept us on the forefront.

President, Canadian Subsidiary: 110 employees