Cross Border Benefits

Employee Appreciation and Understanding

Low turnover and attracting top talent is crucial to your company’s success. Having the right group benefits and group retirement programs will help you achieve that. In fact, a recent Sanofi study found that sixty-six percent of Canadian employees would rather keep their group benefits program then have $15,000 a year raise. This is staggering considering the average Canadian benefit plans cost $3,000 a year. A similar study also found that four out of five Canadian employees don’t want to work for a company without an industry average group benefits and group retirement program.

It’s clear you need to have programs that are at least on par with your industry, but your industry is competitive, and driving more to the bottom line is important to you. You want to pay the same as your competitors but have a greater impact on your employees and you can if you have the right advisor. The right advisor will provide:

  • employee education sessions
  • 24-7 support
  • concierge advice
  • and employee and family assistance programs

Cross Border Benefits provides this. Our emphasis some employee understanding, and appreciation will give you a competitive advantage. We will turn your expense into an investment.

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What our clients are saying:

We have seen a significant impact from CBB’s approach to employee appreciation and understanding. So much so, we are adopting some of their strategies with our head office.

HR, Canadian Subsidiary: 481 employees

CBB has truly improved our employee retention. Their education sessions and concierge services are real difference makers.

HR, Canadian Subsidiary: 52 employees

We surveyed our employees on their satisfaction of the program before CBB and after CBB had been working with us for 6-months. The results were undeniable. We saw a 30% increase in employee satisfaction without changing one aspect of the plan design or increasing costs.

CEO, Canadian Subsidiary: 63 employees