Cross Border Benefits

Fiduciary Responsibility

As a fiduciary you understand and appreciate your responsibilities in Canada. Canada is a unique place with many different existing and pending regulatory and legislative changes. Your time and resources to learn these differences and stay on top of these changes is limited. So without the right advising firm, you and your company’s fiduciary responsibilities can quickly turn into you and your company’s fiduciary liabilities.

To avoid this you need:

  • concise governance and quarterly reports
  • timely updates on pending changes with workable proactive strategies
  • HR resources
  • third-party disability management
  • benchmarking
  • optional third-party administration

Cross Border Benefits provides all this and more. We take the work and responsibility off your desk and put it onto ours. Our streamlined processes will ensure optimal profitability, proper utilization, and compliance. There are no surprises and you are always kept out of harm’s way. You know how fulfilling your fiduciary responsibility means to you your company and your employees.

For over 36 years we have helped Canadian subsidiaries of all sizes and industries eliminate their fiduciary liabilities.

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What our clients are saying

Thanks to CBB’s governance reports I always know my program is compliant with Canadian legislation and regulation.

HR, Canadian Subsidiary: 683 employees

I love CBB’s HR services. They are always there to help me work through the nuances in Canada. They have saved so much time and so many headaches!

HR, Canadian Subsidiary: 35 employees

We went to CBB when we were starting a small operation in Canada. They helped us cut through the noise and establish a bench-marked and cost effective plan.

President, Canadian Subsidiary: 12 employees